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We are the Cooling System Experts!

  • We have answers to Dex-Cool problems and Electrolysis problems. We have solutions for Rusty cooling systems and Oil Contamination Problems. We understand all the different types of Coolants, and have the right one for your car.
  •  We are the original A/C experts in San Carlos. A/C Hoses and Pipes are easily made, even custom hoses with stainless braid. We love Automatic Temperature Control systems, and can Install A/C in almost any car or truck.
  •  Jeep Grand Cherokee owners will greatly benefit from our expertise in diagnosing and repairing Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Systems. We have specialized solutions for problems with electrolysis and dual zone automatic temperature control.  Our service and skills are often imitated, but never duplicated.
  • Ford Expedition, F-150, and Crown Victoria Owners will find tailored solutions for electrolysis problems that consume heaters and radiators.
  • We have the tools, equipment, skill, and Inventory to insure you get what you need. We stock hundreds of radiators, 250 heaters, thousands of A/C parts, we have lots of R12 and 134a.
  • WE ARE LEAK FINDING SPECIALISTS. That is one reason so many local auto shops bring their customers cars to us. Bring your vehicle to us and learn why we are "the best place to take a leak",  or take it to your mechanic (chances are he will bring it to us).
  • We specialize in Automotive Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning, and the systems that control or respond to the demands of temperature change. In a word we are "Automotive Thermodynamic Specialists". We also specialize in finding and fixing A/C and Antifreeze leaks. We can order special parts for your new and Classic Cars, and we have a team of ASE-certified mechanics working with us, including a Master ASE Certification.
  • We proudly offer a  Limited Warranty.

While we may specialize in heating and cooling, we do lots of other things too. We are able to handle Scheduled Maintenance and Preventive Services as well as General Repair when things break. We offer Restoration Services on old gas tanks and radiators that have seen better days.

We are often able to assist our customers with a ride to work (local) in the morning.

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