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Tired of replacing the aluminum heaters and radiators over and over again?


Having trouble getting that problem vehicle out of warranty?


Are you ready to get some REAL solutions instead of playing around with Baking Soda, Fabric Softener, and other silly things that don't work?


We have a website dedicated SPECIFICALLY for Electrolysis, showing you how to measure it, identify it, choose a treatment path, and showing you how to fight back with chemistry, physics, and just plain 'ole automotive common sense.


Have your Shop Forman or Service Manager call me or view the website below to get answers to your questions.


Ford dealers will always get priority status and of course an order of quantity will always result in a lower net cost to you.


When your ready to stop replacing that Radiator or Heater over and over and over... then visit us here:


We have specific solutions for you. Whether it's a Crown Vic or an F-150 or an Expedition. We know what works.